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About Us
Career First was found beginning 2014 with presence in the key market of north india. It is the best consulting team with their prior knowledge in working with reputed universities and also the requirements of Indian students, can correlate and give accurate advice on the exact location and course to be taken up. Being a total solution based and a flawless educational consultant, Career First can surely show you a right way to a bright future.
We have a reputation of being the best educational consultant in India. This is so among students, parents and indeed, the Universities.
Our Services

College / University Admissions

We provides career counseling for professional courses. We helps graduate and undergraduate students gain admission to professional courses to the best Colleges or Universities.

Career Counseling

Career decision making is a dynamic and ongoing process where your knowledge of self, your values, interests, temperament, financial needs, physical work requirements or limitations, etc., the effects of past experiences, new information, and changes in your life situation and environment all intertwine.

Admission Guidance

At Career First we provide direct admission guidance in Courses like Mechanical Engineering, Information Tehnology, Electrical Engineering ,M.B.A. ,M.C.A, M.Tech in the best institutes.

"We were referred to career first from our relatives in NCR. Not only have we been constantly amazed at the depth of knowledge on many different technical courses, we found ourselves dealing with a team of friends”.- Divya Rathi The team at career first is top-notch in their field.”- Aadarsh Sharma “Great team, great skills, great communication! I can highly recommend them!”- Prateek Malviya (Father of Ansh Malviya) “Team Career First is the best. Transparent dealing, true advice. Great experience.”- Mitali Singh “Mentors at career first are so experienced. They helped me out to choose best engineering stream and to get admission in good college.”-Harsh Sethi
Our Team
At Career First our Mentors provide professional networks, college and career counseling, general life advice, and most importantly, an extra voice telling a student they are smart enough and capable enough to get admission in the top most colleges.
Anjali Bhatia Well experienced mentor in the field of Human Resource Management. She acquired knowledge through many ways. Handling Interviews, Recruitments, reviewing applications, assessing candidates’ skills through interview is her forte.
Er. Neha Sharma An effective communicator with interpersonal skills.Solutions oriented approach with excellent career guidance skills. Strong work ethics, continuously striving for improvement coupled with the commitment to offer quality work.
Aarti Verma A dynamic individual with highly motivated & positive attitude towards life.Exceptionally organized with a track record that demonstrates creativity & initiatives to achieve set goals.
“Leading Career Advisor, Admission Guidance and Education Consultant in INDIA”
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